Conflicts & Peacekeeping Missions

Conflicts and peacekeeping missions in which southern Alberta Soldiers Died - Represented In Field of Crosses

Afghanistan War / 2001-2011
Also see: Canada’s Role in Afghanistan

United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus  / 1964 – Present
Also see: United Nations Peacekeeping Cyprus

United Nations Emergency Force, Middle East / 1973 – 1979
Also see: Canada’s Role in Middle East

Vietnam Peacekeeping Mission (Paris Peace Accords) / 1973
Also see: Canada’s Role in Vietnam

Korean War / 1950-1953
Also see: Canadian Army and Korea War

WW2 (Second World War) / 1939-1945
Also see: Canada and WWII

WW1 (First World War) / 1914-1918
Also see: Canada and WWI

Boer War (South African War) / 1899-1902
Also see: Canada and Boer War

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Other Conflicts Canadian Military Have Participated In 
Canadian Military Peacekeeping Missions
where many lives have been lost but we do not have Soldiers’ names from Southern Alberta.