Roll Call of the Fallen.

Thousands of Southern Albertans made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Today we remember our heroes with a cross each November in the Field of Crosses. If you have a name to add please send an email using the contact page. The criteria for a cross is that the individual “resided or enlisted in Southern Alberta and were on active service with the Canadian forces or one of Canada’s allies when they lost their life.”   Any submissions received after July 15th will be included in the following year.

Please use the following to search for names of fallen heroes honoured each year in the Field of Crosses.

wdt_ID Name Age Rank DOD (DD/MM/YY)
1 Abbott Frederick C 30 Cpl 10th Bn 23/04/15
2 Abbott Samuel L 26 Pte 10th Bn 02/12/18
3 Anne Frank 36 Pte 49th Bn 08/10/16
4 Abram Francis R 53 Lt VGofC 26/11/44
5 Acre Bruce E 26 2nd Cpl LROC 28/03/18
6 Acton John S 23 Pte 50th Bn 04/06/17
7 Adair John 20 Pte 50th Bn 25/08/17
8 Adam Alexander 27 Cpl CMGC 16/10/18
9 Adam Charles 33 Cpl 50th Bn 19/11/16
10 Adam Graham E 21 Pte 31st Bn 06/11/17
Name Age Rank DOD (DD/MM/YY)