Field of Crosses returns to Memorial Drive ahead of Remembrance Day

It’s a stirring reminder of the sacrifices made by Canadian soldiers, and for the 11th year running row upon row of white crosses are being installed along Memorial Drive just in time for Remembrance Day.

Hundreds of volunteers began placing some 3,400 of the ivory tributes at the Field of Crosses in the shadow of the Centre Street Bridge Saturday, each cross representing Canadian soldiers who died in conflict. (more…)

Christmas Wreath

Happy Holidays. Christmas wreath on the Field of Crosses cenotaph adjacent Memorial drive on display until the New Year. Lest we forget.

Preparing Crosses.

Dozens of volunteers spent three weekends washing, organizing and bundling nearly 3500 crosses of those Southern Albertans who made the ultimate sacrifice. (more…)

Goats Grazing near Field of Crossses

The City of Calgary has hired a herd of goats to browse the grass on the heights overlooking the Field of Crosses.  This “Green solution” it is hoped will return the slopes to their original grasses. Non-native grasses and weeds are a veritable Goat buffet. (more…)