Effort to install field of crosses along Memorial Drive underway

Volunteers have started building the annual tribute recognizing the sacrifices of those who died while serving their country.

Each of the symbolic markers in the field of crosses, located in a grassy area along Memorial Drive west of the Centre Street Bridge, will bear the name of a resident of southern Alberta killed in service. (more…)

Calgary students help prepare Remembrance Day tribute

Remembrance Day may be weeks away, but a lot of people are already busy preparing for one of our city’s most powerful salutes to the fallen. And as Gil Tucker shows us, they’re getting a helping hand from some young Calgarians eager to show their respect.

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Students get heartfelt history lesson with Field of Crosses

What began with a few hundred white crosses in 2009 has grown to more than 3,200, all paying tribute to those who died serving their country.

“We’ve made it bigger and organized more and gotten more crosses. (My dad) was so passionate about it and so committed and it really means a lot to step in his shoes and carry on in his name,” (more…)