Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Dignitaries

On behalf of Field of Crosses, our Founder, J. Murray McCann, and the Board of Directors we wish to thank the many hundreds of volunteers for your support of the Field of Crosses. Cleaning and preparing 3,500 crosses, installing the bases, erecting and taking down the crosses is only possible because of your dedication, passion and hard work to ensure we “NEVER FORGET“. Each November during the 11 Days of Remembrance, flag details, pipers, buglers, school choirs, honour guards and thousands of participants come to the Field of Crosses to pay tribute to the Southern Albertans who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

Thank you to Kinsmen Club of the Stampede City, Moodys Private Client, Mortgage Connection for their support, and to Rotary Clubs of Calgary for their support of Night of Lights.  

Thank you to the President’s Volunteer Team of St. Mary’s University for taking the lead in placing candles in front of each of the 3,500 crosses within the field and ensuring that each cross bearer receives the respect they deserve by having their name spoken out loud and commended each and every year.  We also appreciate the dedication and support provided by BJ Bjornson, Catherine Glaser-Climie and the Cantare Children’s Choir as well as Ypres 3rd CAV, the Ramji Family and Kathy Moorcraft for their unwavering support and commitment to Night of Lights and other volunteer lead roles.

Thank you to the many supporters of Field of Crosses with special thanks to:  Global News, Herc Rental Equipment, Mawer Investment Management, Tom McCabe, McCann Family Foundation, Hardy Nielsen, Sue & Mike Rose, TransAlta and Veterans Affairs Canada. You help us make the Field of Crosses a memorial tribute that is singular and unique in Canada.

Thank you to the command teams and serving members of the Canadian Forces, Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Police Service, Alberta Sheriffs, EMS and RCMP; you are invaluable partners.

Thanks to the Canadian Forces notably 41 Canadian Army Brigade, 20th Independent Field Artillery, HMCS Tecumseh; the King’s Own Calgary Regiment, Calgary Highlanders, 41 Combat Field Engineer Regiment and 15 Field Ambulance.

Special thanks to Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, the Honourable Salma Lakhani, for her gracious support and to Premier Jason Kenney, Past Mayor Nenshi and the City of Calgary whose partnership and support we greatly value.

Thanks to the many elected officials of all levels of government and the Calgary Consular Corps who attend our ceremonies.

Finally, to the 3rd Canadian Army Veterans – Ypres branch. You remind us how important it is to honour our veterans for their service. You make us proud to be Canadians as you loyally uphold the Canadian Army’s Motto: “Vigilamus pro te” (We stand on guard for thee)  . . . . . . We couldn’t do it without you.

The following list of Volunteers is ever changing and refreshed upon the completion of each year.

Please visit “contact us” on our website and send an email if you wish to volunteer. Visit our donate page if you wish to make a donation.


S1 Pam Chester
Anthony Edmunds
Todd Gow
PO2 Ken Laing
PO2 Russ Middleton
MS Jordan Shepard
Adam Zinatelli

Cadet Groups:

335 RCSCC Calgary

Choirs & Soloists:

Alberta Gold Chorus
Bronte Allegro
Hannah Ayer
Calgary Burns Club Singers
Cantare Children’s Choir
Graeme Climie
Julie Freedman Smith
Catherine Glaser-Climie
Christina Jahn
Hannah Rude

City of Calgary:

Calgary Fire Department
Calgary Parking Authority
Calgary Parks Department
Calgary Police Service
Calgary Roads
Calgary Special Events
Calgary Transit

Corporations / Supporters

Brawn Family Foundation
Brian’s Porta-Potties
CBC Radio and Television
Calgary Herald
Calgary Sun
CPS Honour Guard
Enbridge Inc.
Enmax Power Serv. Corp
Exploration Plastics
Fast Fence Rentals
Global News/Corus Entertainment
Herc Equipment Rental
Husky Energy
McCann Family Foundation
Mortgage Connection
Hardy Neilsen
PCL Construction Mgmt
Raytheon Canada Ltd
Sue & Mike Rose
Steven & Jane Snyder
Spolumbos Fine Foods
Tim Hortons (Ryan MacCallum)
Trailer Wizards
Terry Tractor Serv.
UVS Unlimited Video Staging
Valour Canada
Elaine & Gerry Wood


Thx for sharing your photos:
Bandi Photography
Sergei Belski Photography
with permission of
St. Mary’s University
Danielle Boudreau
Doug Brown
Kelly Eaton
Tom Howard
Greg Lassaline
Jill Lassaline
Tom Langlois
Tony LePrieur
Terry McDonough
Mega Pixel Imaging
Karen Rice
Susan Schalin
Arthur Wieckowski


Calgary Fire Dept. Pipes & Drums
Calgary Highlanders Pipes & Drums
Ethan DesChamps
Alan Duguid
Keigan Elliott
Mary Ann Huston
Cpl Eric Knight
Alfred Miller
Bill Partridge
Jim Perry
Dave Stott
Laura Stott
Stephanie West

Educational Institutions:

Delta West Academy
Notre Dame High School
St. Francis High School
St. Mary’s University
SAIT Paramedic Students

Service Groups & Clubs:

Calgary Stampede
Girl Guides of Canada
Scouts Canada
RCMP Veterans Association
Ypres 3 CAV

Flag Details:

Alberta Sheriffs
Calgary Naval Veterans Association
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 285
33 Field Engineer Squadron
41 Canadian Brigade Group
41 Combat Engineer Regiment
Emergency Medical Services


Clarence Wolfleg


Marion Andreasen
Arad Badamchizadeh
Tara Beattie
Christa Beck
Candace Benson
Keegan Biigs
BJ Bjornson
Lindsay Black
Petra Bollhorn
Ellen Bosbol
Mattias Bosbol
Kaitlyn Brescia
Doug Broszat
Kelly Broszat
Doug Brown
Ann Buckingham
Angela Burger
Bev Bynkoski
Neil Bynkoski
Brianna Caldwell
Cal Caldwell
Jackie Caldwell
Taylor Caldwell
Julia Chahor
Wade Chenier
Troy Cheyne
Blain Chicoine
Kelly Clark
Riley Clarke
Bill Cox
Dianne Dallaire
Gaetan Dallaire
Jo-Anne Dan
Connor Danyluk
Cynthia Danyluk
James Danyluk
Thomas Darragh
Maddox Depasquale
Hannah Ding
Robbie Douglas
Jillian Dowding
Zoe Duequette
Lorna Edwards
Carrie Elliott
Don Else
Dorothy Else
Tory Fassnidge
Elijah Fast
Antonio Ferrise
Kim Fichtner
Renee Fleming
John Flynn
Gordon Forbes
Rocky Ford
Peter Fortune
Kathy Freeman
James Genis
Marius Ghinescu
Michael Gibbons
Rita Gillis
Fred Graham
Patricia Graham
Michael Grant
Kent Griffiths
Tim Guigue
Jane Hagel
Mark Hagel
Megan Hagel
Lucas Hallstrom
Dave Hartman
Fred Hazell
Laurie Hirsch
Rob Hirsch
Asher Hodgson
Margot Hodgson
Shannen Hoffman
Veronica Hoffman
Teresa Hornet
Ross Howden
Bentley Huffington
Anaka Hykawy
Brett Inglis
Ronnalie Inglis
Neil James
Riley James
Donna Keen
John Keenan
Da’Shayne Kennedy
Max Kingsley
Wendy Kruyssen
Jean-Yves Lalande
Linda Leahy
Michael Leahy
Dave Leitch
Tom Leppard
Rowan Livingstone
Cecelia Lokanc
Lola Lokanc
Lucas Lokanc
Braeden Lundin
Tom MacCarl
Logan MacDonald
Lynn MacDonald
Mady MacDonald
Val MacDonald

Volunteers Continued:

Terry Manion
Noah Manz
Hudson Matheson
Kylan Mazak
Lloyd McBurney
Ken McCormack
Bev McEwing
Pat McIlhargety
Kevin McKeen
Malastiwka McKinley
Guy McLaughlin
Dan McLean
Nancy McMahon
Tom McMahon
Peter McNichol
Sherry McNichol
Trevor Messenger
Heidi Milne
Kathy Moorcraft
Charles Moore
Liam Munroe
Kaitlyn Murgatroyd
Michelle Neal
Noah Nelson
Marshall Netherwood
Jake Neufeld
Jordan Nolan
Mike O’Connor
Kiefer Olthafer
Lars Olthafer
Kiefer Olthafer
Janna Parker
Bart Peake
Gail Peake
Bob Pearson
Barrett Pelltier
Liam Perrott
Orla Perrot
Joe Perry
Christopher Pratt
Faraah Punjani
Keister Quinn
Joni Rabena
Adeem Ramji
Alnar Ramji
Ashir Ramji
Azim Ramji
Karen Ratliffe
Michael Ratliffe
Rose Ratliffe
Will Ratliffe
Maaike Rawcliffe
Bill Richardson
Dierdre Richardson
Kayla Richardson
Jan Riddell
Allan Ripplinger
Darryl Robinson
Nathan Rogers
Chris Ruso
Susan Schalin
Kanyon Schulte
Dean Selby
Kristin Sequin
John Sereda
Kyle Sigfusson
Carla Sikora
Harland Sikora
Devin Simmonds
Dionne Simmonds
Evan Simmonds
Brett Smiley
Ken Smith
Steven Sokolosky
Cam Sondergaard
Jordan Sondergaard
Marie Sondergaard
Robin Stanton
Richard Stepian
Ashlynn Stitt
Jen Stitt
Kayla Stitt
Kieran Stitt
Darrel Sundholm
Beverly Surridge
Scott Surridge
Michael Thom
Pat Thom
Chad Thomas
Gerald Tonellato
Tim Vale
Darrin Walker
Louise Walker
Michael Wear
Nicole Weishaar
Karen Wheeler
Tony Wheeler
Bev White
Jim White
Angela Williams
Mark Wilson
Jordan Witzel
Glenda Yeats

Rest Ye In Peace

Rest ye in peace, ye Flanders dead
The fight that you so bravely led
We’ve taken up.   And we will keep
True faith with you who lie asleep,
With each a cross to mark his bed,
And poppies blowing overhead,
When once his own life-blood ran red
So let your rest be sweet and deep
In flanders Fields.

Fear not that ye have died for naught;
The torch ye threw to us we caught,
Ten million hands will hold it high,
And freedom’s light shall never die!
We’ve learned the lesson that ye taught
In Flanders’ Fields.