There was another moment of reflection at the field of crosses Monday morning.

A special sunrise ceremony was dedicated to Nichola Goddard, a soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2006.

The bitter cold didn’t stop a large crowd from gathering, and standing stoically among the over 3,000 white crosses set up along Memorial Drive.

The red poppies stood out within the blanket of white snow.

Nichola’s mother, Sally Goddard was proud to be one of the flag bearers during the ceremony.

She says it is lovely and emotional to see her daughter’s legacy live on.

“She joined (the military) in 1998, went to the Royal Military College, fought fires in B.C., did the avalanche control at Rogers Pass and then she was sent to Afghanistan,” she said. “I’ve been up at the school that’s been named after her, so I went to the Remembrance Day ceremony there as well.”

However, Goddard said this ceremony is bigger than just Nichola’s sacrifice.

“It’s an act of remembrance of those who have died, and those who have served their country well,” Goddard said.

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